Friday, May 27, 2011

Solo Cruising

Thursday night and I found myself a temporarily single gal out on the town. Secret Agent Man had a secret meeting in which sassy girls like me were not invited. Just as well because the He-Man Women Haters Club can be a stuffy bunch sometimes. Anyway, I was cruising in The Metiki solo. I had read about a cruise-in in downtown Melbourne at Mustard's Last Stand and thought I would stop by. I pulled into the advertised location to find not only no old cars but barely any new cars either. The promised cruise-in was a cruise-in of one lonely car- me!

I debated turning around and just heading home. But I had not had dinner so I decided since it was a solo night I would dine solo also. I have been to Mustard's many times and am a fan of their hot dogs. I ordered my version of a NY Dog and an order of fries. A cold beer completed my fine dining meal. I jest about the fine dining but it was definitely delicious.

The Metiki's version of a NY Dog- sauerkraut & mustard! Nothing else - no tomato, no relish, no ketchup!!!
Upon completion of my meal I headed back out to The Metiki for my ride home. It was a quiet, lazy evening. While heading around the side of the restaurant I spotted a wood carved item. I'm not sure if you would consider it a tiki. But someone took some time to carve, paint & decorate him. He looked a bit like a devilish old man winter.
It was a lonely night for The Metiki and The Metiki Gal. Times like this make me want to take off for places like So-Cal or Vegas. The car culture scene is a small group here in Brevard - just a scene of one sometimes!

And so until next time.......keep those lonely tiki mugs filled and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal, I shouldn't be hard to find as it seems I'm the only one on the road!!!!

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