Friday, May 6, 2011

A Night of Little Art, Great Bamboo & Crappy Drinks

Friday night has arrived & plans were made for The Metiki to transport us on our adventure.  Secret Agent Man & myself planned on heading to Downtown Eau Gallie to the Art Fest; listen to a friend's band & see some art. Plans need to be fluid sometimes, room needs to be left for change. Weather prevented us from taking The Metiki.We waited out the rain showers & arrived a little late. We missed the friend's band - no worries, we'll catch him another time. We came for art - there was not much. A few tents displaying art & crafty things, a couple art galleries displaying & a fantastic little find of a furniture store! This was my big event of the night, we stumbled on the yummiest of Mid-Century Modern furniture stores.

 Out A Space occupies a small, brightly painted nook of a store, across from Ralph's Art Supplies (another nook full of great MCM furniture finds.) Ralph's was closed but Out A Space was welcoming a great crowd with food, drinks and a delicious selection of bamboo furniture.

The horror of painted bamboo is somewhat mitigated by the fabulous red!

There was a second of this lovely lounging chair to make it a set
It really was a neat little shop. Had I been prepared with cash I would have purchased. I'm seriously thinking of going back tomorrow for a few things. There were numerous lamps for sale but the pair of Inca style lamps were the coolest. I could be wrong on the style type but not on the cool factor of these lamps.

Deciding our Art Night had concluded - we wandered over to Squid Lips for drinks & dinner. It seemed to be a good idea in theory. However, our tropical drinks were less than satisfactory and the food was mediocre. I ordered a Shark Bite and Secret Agent Man went with a Mango Colada - bad choices on both. The bartender added to plastic animals to garnish the drink after setting them down - this did nothing to enhance the syrupy, watered down flavor of both. The droopy straw wrappers left on the tips of the straw were just depressing. We sipped and wished we had driven back home to our personal tiki bar & real tiki drinks.

The ill-fated drinks- Mango Colada & Shark Bite.
We discussed the decor of Squid Lips. No tiki, but an abundance of ship-faring nautical items. We did spy an outrigger sporting bamboo on it over the bar door leading outside but it was too dark to get a decent pic of it. In the dining room there was a pretty evil looking rusty anchor. We determined the decor to be Florida Fishneck ( def: Fla. Redneck who likes to fish.) Which is fine if that's your thing. It was not ours. We made our exit. headed home, put a little classic surf on the record player (yes, we listen to records!) and called it a night.

Is that not the coolest album- it's two-toned! We grooved a little & I did a bit of go-go dancing with the dogs. And that was our Friday night. So good-bye for now but remember....................................

Keep your tiki mugs filled (with good quality rum) & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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