Friday, May 27, 2011

Solo Cruising

Thursday night and I found myself a temporarily single gal out on the town. Secret Agent Man had a secret meeting in which sassy girls like me were not invited. Just as well because the He-Man Women Haters Club can be a stuffy bunch sometimes. Anyway, I was cruising in The Metiki solo. I had read about a cruise-in in downtown Melbourne at Mustard's Last Stand and thought I would stop by. I pulled into the advertised location to find not only no old cars but barely any new cars either. The promised cruise-in was a cruise-in of one lonely car- me!

I debated turning around and just heading home. But I had not had dinner so I decided since it was a solo night I would dine solo also. I have been to Mustard's many times and am a fan of their hot dogs. I ordered my version of a NY Dog and an order of fries. A cold beer completed my fine dining meal. I jest about the fine dining but it was definitely delicious.

The Metiki's version of a NY Dog- sauerkraut & mustard! Nothing else - no tomato, no relish, no ketchup!!!
Upon completion of my meal I headed back out to The Metiki for my ride home. It was a quiet, lazy evening. While heading around the side of the restaurant I spotted a wood carved item. I'm not sure if you would consider it a tiki. But someone took some time to carve, paint & decorate him. He looked a bit like a devilish old man winter.
It was a lonely night for The Metiki and The Metiki Gal. Times like this make me want to take off for places like So-Cal or Vegas. The car culture scene is a small group here in Brevard - just a scene of one sometimes!

And so until next time.......keep those lonely tiki mugs filled and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal, I shouldn't be hard to find as it seems I'm the only one on the road!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coconauts on the Fly

Midweek doldrums set in last night for Secret Agent Man & myself. We were attempting to grill a paleo dinner outside but needed a little rum to loosen the mood. Unfortunately at my current location I do not have a full bar set-up so we cobbled together ingredients for a tiki drink on the fly. It's a frozen drink but all
stereotypes aside has a great taste and a hell of a kick. We determined we could make a Coconaut from the supplies at hand. I found the recipe years ago in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log - it has been our go-to drink since then. It is a most basic of tiki drinks, 3 ingredients & ice, even garnish is optional. So while Secret Agent Man got in touch with his inner caveman while grilling, I gathered the provisions needed to assemble the drink.

Isn't that cutest little blender cover!


8oz. Coconut Cream (preferably Coco Lopez)
7oz. Dark Jamaican Rum (we used Spiced Rum as I did not have dark rum on hand.)
2oz. Lime Juice (fresh squeezed - do not use what you see pictured unless under extreme conditions.)

Fill blender with ice, add above ingredients & pulverize until slushy & frothy. Garnish & serve.

Our mug selection was also limited as all but a few mugs in my collection are currently in storage. But the Headhunter is one of my favorites and the recipe listed above makes just enough to fill two mugs to the rim.
We filled our mugs, did a little garnish on the fly with what was hanging around in the fridge then proceeded to toast & enjoy!

Looking at the pictures, I realized I could have really gone freestyle and added a couple of those bananas getting brown in the background. That would have been a great extra layer of flavor. The spiced rum instead of the dark rum was also a yummy addition. I like to get a creative when mixing my drinks - I don't always have the 'correct' ingredients according to the 'classic' recipes but I think that's a good thing. It can be fun to play mad scientist in the kitchen!

The Metiki was snug as a bug in a rug in the garage during all this. But no worries she will be out and about in the coming weeks quite a bit. So keep those tiki mugs filled (experimental concoctions encouraged) and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Over The River & Through The Palm Tree Jungle

Love bug season has been in full force here in Brevard for the past week but I didn't let that keep The Metiki at home. We pulled out early Saturday evening headed for a rather long drive up to Merritt Island for a monthly cruise-in the Dixie Cruisers were holding. We headed over the Mather's Bridge which connects the southern tip of Merritt Island with Indian Harbor Beach.

Cruising along Tropical Trail passing through a palm tree jungle (other trees also but I have no idea what they were.) We even witnessed a bit of exotic wildlife. Secret Agent Man was quick with the camera and got the shot of this non-native species crossing our path while I manned the helm of The Metiki.

We cruised on Tropical Trail for over 10 miles - pulling over to let other vehicles pass but thoroughly enjoying the ride. The love bugs however were meeting a quick and untimely death against my windshield. They were extremely thick on Merritt Island. Pulling into Beef O'Brady's we noticed many other vehicles also covered with lovebug guts.The cruise-in drew a little over 25 cars. The Metiki was out of its normal travelling area so it was quite the novelty.

There was a good mix of restored classics, hot rods and even a couple nice rat rods. The oddest attendee was a vintage restored lawn tractor - I have no idea who owned it or how it arrived but it was adorable.

We wandered among the cars while swatting away the lovebugs. After being swarmed one too many times we retreated into the air conditioned loveliness of Beef O'Brady's for a quick drink & a bite to eat. We passed on ordering any exotic drinks - this was not the establishment for that. I settled for a simple Coke to quench my thirst and Secret Agent Man partook in a Root Beer. Exciting selections I know! After our meal we headed back out to battle the bugs one last time and check out the vehicles.

We played our 'Car Show Game' of what vehicle would we like to take home. My pick was a sweet 59' Impala, bright red with beautiful chrome. I could definitely see myself cruising in this baby.


Another unexpected treat aside from the lawn tractor was this cool mini canned ham trailer being used as a mobile DJ booth by Fast Eddie. I always love to see these funky little campers out and being used even if in an unconventional way. Not many people would be eager to actually camp in these but modifying them for other uses is a fantastic concept to keep them on the road.

We decided it was time to hit the road home after I could no longer battle the lovebugs and maintain my cool demeanor. They were literally flying into my eyes - it was horrible! While sitting at the light to turn east onto 520 we spotted a familiar face - possibly one of the World Famous Disasternauts.

We headed back home via the 520 Causeway and A1A. Another great drive- enjoying the balmy aka humid breeze coming off the ocean through Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach.

We spotted a neat dune buggy heading down A1A in Cocoa Beach - again Secret Agent Man came through with the action shots while I drove. We were really digging the cool retro fiberglass body of this buggy.

Keep your tiki mugs filled but keep the lovebugs out and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Wee Little Irish Tiki Spraoi

Monday evening and I had put in a semi-exhausting 8 hours of work. Ok maybe not a full eight hours but at least a solid six. I felt I was due for a little indulging. Secret Agent Man & myself headed to Downtown Melbourne for a 'Bon Voyage' party for a friend heading off to parts unknown in a scary country beginning with an "I." The fete was at Meg O'Malleys, a well loved Irish Bar long the anchor of the downtown bar/restaurant hub of Melbourne. The Gaelic word for party or celebrate is 'spraoi.' And while I would not say we were celebrating the fact she was leaving, we were spraoing our love & friendship for this brave soul we would not get to see again for a while.
After well wishes and pictures, we headed inside for good Irish drink & food. Now there is not a sanctioned Irish tiki drink, and maybe there should not be one.It is not a country known for its fresh fruit or tropical concoctions. Although a fine Irish lass has told me bamboo grows like the dickens in the old country! Ireland is the land of fine Irish Whiskey, good dark beer & potatoes. Not that I'm speaking in stereotypes of course. Secret Agent Man & myself decided to forgo our usual tiki drinks and travel into the exotic Irish fare of Guinness, Jameson Whiskey & Irish Stew.
Oh! Did I mention the towering Burger with Corned Beef, Sausage, Dubliner Cheese & an Egg on it! Whoops!!
 While we were eating I noticed the abundance of leprechauns. I pondered their significance other than the oblivious 'good luck talismen' they are known for. They were scattered about the place. Hidden into corners & niches. Peaking over my shoulder as I sipped my fine Irish Whiskey. A bit creepy but amusing none the less.
 I started considering how much alike leprechauns and tiki are. Both are of ancient lore & are thought to hold strange powers. Both are treated with both reverence by those who love them & kitsch by those who exploit them. Tiki & leprechaun are much loved by their native folk. Both are known to incite indulgences in alcohol. You could consider leprechauns as Irish Tiki.

The elusive condiment leprechaun - Shawn O' Heinz.

The semi-planking tiki - Mordecai Oleaney

 Meg O'Malleys has a great vibe. Much akin to any good tiki bar - alcohol is served with a smile and much enjoyed by its patrons. Food of the homeland is made with care and generous portions satisfy even the hungriest of travellers. There was even a little nautical flair, albeit with a slight ominous tone to it (those darn deary Irishmen!)

A small Titanic & buoy tribute displayed for reasons unknown.

Fine memories of a sea-faring crossing?

I spy two things Meg O'Malley's has in common with a Tiki bar.

While sitting enjoying my fine Irish Whiskey (did I mention I had more than one, always gets the critical mind flowing) and contemplating comparative theories in Celtic & Maori History. I realized this fantastic flow of good cheer could not be from the leprechaun alone. Before leaving I decided to make a long pass around the bar. Actually I was hoping we could stop for one final drink!

Well polished & well stocked bar at Meg O'Malley's
Talented Guinness Bird -plays ball & balances beer

Celtic snake design over the bar
As we headed out the door, I saw the reason for all the good spirits of the evening. It wasn't those little leprechauns - there was a tiki tucked deep into a far corner. Watching over us, ensuring we enjoyed our bit of Irish spirits while maintaining our laid back Polynesian attitude. He was a Celtic tiki -embodying the characteristics traits of both tiki & Celtic warrior. Protecting and inspiring.  

Or this entire post could have been inspired by a little too much of the Irish Whiskey and an obsession of all things tiki - you be the judge!

So until next time- keep your tiki mugs filled (Irish whiskey allowed) & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Blast with a Touch of Rain

After a busy workweek, Saturday provided a great opportunity for a little cruise out in The Metiki. There was a car show up in Cocoa Beach, Beach Blast 17 at the International Palms Resort on A1A. In the past this has been a great car show, they park the cars on the hotel grounds, tennis courts, walkways and in the parking lot. It brings cars from all over Florida. The Metiki is no show car by any means. I drive it, I take it to the beach, I toss beach chairs in the back. I use it and enjoy it - so I don't enter car shows. But I will drive it to the car show park it in the lot away from the 'show' cars and chuckle as curious onlookers pass up $75,000 Hot Rods to peek at my lowly little Metropolitan.

We hit the road at about lunch time and cruised up to Cocoa Beach. The Metiki drove beautifully down A1A - traffic was light & a good breeze was blowing. We stopped at a beach access to take pics of my dream house. I've watched it for 15 years and in constant fear that it will be torn down and a McMansion put up in it's place. I call this my lottery house, if I ever win the lottery this would be the house I'd buy. I'm sure people out there know more about the history or the people who have lived here. I tried some research about it but have not found anything.
After our quick photo stop, we cruised through downtown Cocoa Beach and pulled into the car show. I parked my 'luxury in miniature' next to a Mini. My car never looked so big!

We walked the rows of cars out in the front parking lot. We saw a great T-Bucket with an Asian Theme. These are always Secret Agent Man's favorites. This one was actually pretty nice and looked relatively comfortable to drive.

There was an abundance of muscle cars and fiberglass hot rods, these are not my faves but there were some really nice paint jobs. There was a really unusual little 1950 Nash Wagon, heavily customized, drawing lots of attention. I always love to see another Nash out and about. The color was an unorthodox choice of brown and a goldish color. I loved the wagon but was ambivalent about the color choice.

All the cars had their hoods up to be judged for the show but it sure made for crappy pictures as a spectator. Anyway, another stand-out was this surf wagon. This was a great color choice - very Florida.

Another favorite of both Secret Agent Man & myself was this Ford Econoline. He is the proud owner of an Econoline and we always love to see these out & about also.
I'll post  the rest of the car show pics on my Facebook page. We finished our day at the car by taking some shots of the tikis interspersed through the paths at the resort. It was really great to see some tikis in the wild. And while the resort is not tiki in the traditional sense, they did display the tikis nicely.

We headed home under ominous rain clouds and viewed some great lightning through the tiny windshield on the drive home. We made it home albeit a little wet but that's OK because as I said before this is not a show car. I drive it; rain or not. And so our Saturday afternoon wound down. We tucked The Metiki back into the garage and called it a day.

Remember keep your tiki mugs filled with experimental Rum Barrels & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Morning Java Surfing

Mother's Day Sunday Morning rose beautifully. Still provided with cool breezes off the ocean & little humidity, I knew this was a fleeting moment for Florida weather. Very soon we'll all be drenched with 98% humidity and daily thunderstorms. But today was very close to perfection - so I didn't have to think twice about taking a quick cruise in The Metiki. I have a serious coffee habit. These days I've escalated to Cafe Bustelo, the high octane stuff, as my daily fix. Sadly my coffee pantry was empty, so coffee needed to be obtained before I went into withdrawal. Luckily I did not have a far drive - a little more than a mile from my humble abode is the epicenter of tiki-centric coffee, Java Surf in Indialantic.
Right down on the Fifth Ave Boardwalk, where good old Shagg's Surf Shop used to sit, now stands the collaboration of coffee & tiki. I backed The Metiki  into a parking spot for maximum photo opportunity but was quickly reprimanded by the cranky meter maid on the correct parking requirements. Apparently, I was breaking a law by backing in my tiny vehicle. In fear of ticketing or worse yet incarceraton for improper parking practices I quickly turned The Metiki around and fled into Java Surf to escape further legal escapades.

Exhibit A your honor, my vehicle IS properly parked!

Happy Mother's Day Meter Maid, thanks for keeping Indialantic safe from parking rogues like me!

Anyway, after escaping the law, I entered a happy tiki kingdom. Tikis greeted me on either side upon entering and more tikis abounded everywhere inside.

One was even tucked beneath the bathroom sink to cover up the plumbing (can they do this in my home, please!) Java Surf has comfy couches to sit on and peruse the latest ESM issue or other surf related mags that were strewn about.

This was my 'Serenity Now' zone after my brush with the law.

Once I sat, relaxed, and had a few sips of my delightful 'Blended Latte Caramello', I decided to explore this wonderful tiki haven. FYI - yes I love sugar-laden coffee drinks but felt slightly guilty after talking to a couple there who had brought their own rice milk to add to Java Surf's coffee. Damn those healthy folks - they make me look bad!
Below are a few of the items I found on my exploration of Java Surf...............

As the North Wind Blows of Tiki's

Mini Big Mouth Tiki

Lovely Plumeria & Hawaiian Artwork

Intricate Mosaic Tilework Fireplace
The Hidden Tiki - God of Bathroom Plumbing!

I had a great time checking out all the tikis at Java Surf and slurping on enough sugary caffeinated goodness to get me through my Sunday, it was time to head back home. I checked outside to make sure the fuzz wasn't waiting to arrest me & made my break out the tiki guarded doors. I waved a quick Aloha to my protectors and floored it down the road doing a sensible 41mph down A1A.

This was a fun if not exciting trip. Definitely worth a repeat visit now that I have been schooled in parking. So next time, keep your tiki mugs filled (coffee drinks are acceptable) and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!!!!