Saturday, May 21, 2011

Over The River & Through The Palm Tree Jungle

Love bug season has been in full force here in Brevard for the past week but I didn't let that keep The Metiki at home. We pulled out early Saturday evening headed for a rather long drive up to Merritt Island for a monthly cruise-in the Dixie Cruisers were holding. We headed over the Mather's Bridge which connects the southern tip of Merritt Island with Indian Harbor Beach.

Cruising along Tropical Trail passing through a palm tree jungle (other trees also but I have no idea what they were.) We even witnessed a bit of exotic wildlife. Secret Agent Man was quick with the camera and got the shot of this non-native species crossing our path while I manned the helm of The Metiki.

We cruised on Tropical Trail for over 10 miles - pulling over to let other vehicles pass but thoroughly enjoying the ride. The love bugs however were meeting a quick and untimely death against my windshield. They were extremely thick on Merritt Island. Pulling into Beef O'Brady's we noticed many other vehicles also covered with lovebug guts.The cruise-in drew a little over 25 cars. The Metiki was out of its normal travelling area so it was quite the novelty.

There was a good mix of restored classics, hot rods and even a couple nice rat rods. The oddest attendee was a vintage restored lawn tractor - I have no idea who owned it or how it arrived but it was adorable.

We wandered among the cars while swatting away the lovebugs. After being swarmed one too many times we retreated into the air conditioned loveliness of Beef O'Brady's for a quick drink & a bite to eat. We passed on ordering any exotic drinks - this was not the establishment for that. I settled for a simple Coke to quench my thirst and Secret Agent Man partook in a Root Beer. Exciting selections I know! After our meal we headed back out to battle the bugs one last time and check out the vehicles.

We played our 'Car Show Game' of what vehicle would we like to take home. My pick was a sweet 59' Impala, bright red with beautiful chrome. I could definitely see myself cruising in this baby.


Another unexpected treat aside from the lawn tractor was this cool mini canned ham trailer being used as a mobile DJ booth by Fast Eddie. I always love to see these funky little campers out and being used even if in an unconventional way. Not many people would be eager to actually camp in these but modifying them for other uses is a fantastic concept to keep them on the road.

We decided it was time to hit the road home after I could no longer battle the lovebugs and maintain my cool demeanor. They were literally flying into my eyes - it was horrible! While sitting at the light to turn east onto 520 we spotted a familiar face - possibly one of the World Famous Disasternauts.

We headed back home via the 520 Causeway and A1A. Another great drive- enjoying the balmy aka humid breeze coming off the ocean through Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach.

We spotted a neat dune buggy heading down A1A in Cocoa Beach - again Secret Agent Man came through with the action shots while I drove. We were really digging the cool retro fiberglass body of this buggy.

Keep your tiki mugs filled but keep the lovebugs out and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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