Sunday, May 1, 2011

Longdogger's Merrie Monarch Festival

Saturday night came around & as I pulled The Metiki out of the garage I felt a good island vibe coming on. Okay so Florida may only be a peninsula but that's 3/4 of the way being an island. So an Island vibe is not so far-fetched. Also I am a true Island Girl, Long Island but still it counts. Anyway, cruising down South Patrick Drive with Secret Agent Man in the passenger seat and my fav leopard purse between us I knew it was going to be a good night.

We were headed to Longdogger's in Satellite Beach for their Merrie Monarch Festival. The festival was also celebrated in Hawaii & Longdogger's partook also. Smart for them, their Hawaiian menu was great & Primo beer was in good supply.
We grabbed great seats near the bar before the band started. Both Secret Agent Man & myself were anxious for some good live surf music. Cutback set up, displaying some fantastic Fender guitars. They jumped right into a great Venture classic 'Walk Don't Run' as one of their first songs (honestly not sure if it was the very first song or not. Was too busy drinking a Blue Moon to jot down song list, bad Metiki Gal!)

As we enjoyed the music and the surprisingly great breeze under the patio at Longdogger's, we sipped our beers (small tear for lack of rum drinks, only beer & wine at Longdogger's.) We ordered two entrees; one from their regular menu and one from the special Merrie Monarch menu - Sausage with Onions & Peppers for Secret Agent Man and Hawaiian Steak Kabobs for me. Both were yummy. The steak kabobs were nice and tender. They were served with grilled pineapple & garnished with Maraschino Cherries -sounds weird with the cherries but it worked! The side was fried plantains and cole slaw along with a King Hawaiian roll. The fried plantains were wonderful - sweet but a little crunchy & almost dessert-like. The Sausage was also a good sized meal served with nicely grilled onions & peppers on a sub roll. Secret Agent Man passed on sides and even the roll (he's a warrior you know & has to keep his slim girlish figure.)

Excuse crappy food shot, forgot to turn plate around before taking pic.
Once food was consumed we concentrated on the music at hand. Cutback played some great classic surf hits, even threw in a little Dick Dale & played a great version of Glide (a most mellow of surf tunes.) I got the dancing started and had a few people jump in also. But all in all the crowd was a little shy on the dance floor - their loss. The Metiki Gal loves to dance especially to surf music (check out the Pontani Sisters for their Go-Go's Aerobics for some great moves.)
During a break from the band two Hawaiian dancers performed. This was a great surprise and much enjoyed by the entire crowd. They also performed a Fire Dance - which proved to be additionally dangerous as it was right over an extension cord for most of it! Gotta love the added bonus danger and the cute dancer in the small Hawaiian grab. The hula dancer was also excellent and rocked her coconut bra.

After the Hawaiian dancers, we were graced with another set from Cutback. They wrapped it up & the bounce house was deflated (much to the disappointment of the children enjoying it while the band played.) Kudos for Cutback for soldiering through while screaming children bounced away 10 feet from their set-up - your concentration and endurance to play was much appreciated. 
The night wrapped up and we hopped back in The Metiki, after meeting a couple of Metropolitan fans. Once again the poor Metiki was thought to be a Rambler. Luckily, I'm there to to explain & inform all of the wonder that is The Metiki (not too proud of my little ride am I?)
So in closing, a few words of advice. Don't fire dance near an extension cord, keep your tiki mugs filled (even if it has to be beer) & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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