Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aku-Aku Who?

Another mid-week book find. I have not taken The Metiki out this week as schedule has not permitted so I'm doling out a little post about another of my Thor Heyerdahl book finds. Yet again credit must be given to Secret Agent Man who plucked this one off the shelf at the thrift store. He has the magic hands when thrift shopping for finding the best books. Luckily he shares and even hands some over to me outright. This was one of them.

This book came out in 1958 after Thor's Kon-Tiki Voyage. The back covers claims it is a Fascinating scientific whodunit. It notes that Aku-Aku means "guardian spirit" to the natives of Easter Island in the Southeast Pacific - the loneliest island in the world. On this barren and isolated island men of mystery built huge stone images - and then disappeared.
Sounds like a great read. There a multiple pages of fantastic pics like the one above of Thor and his crew exploring Rapa Nui and the great statues. What a fantastic find for twenty five cents at Goodwill!

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