Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jade Palace Zombies

So Secret Agent Man & myself were ready for a little mid-week break and in the mood for a Zombie. This is Secret Agent Man's favorite of tiki drinks. It's usually a little too much for me and last night would not prove to be any different.
Jade Palace is a Chinese Restaurant in Indian Harbor Beach - just a mile down the road. They have a very unappreciated retro 70' bar in the back and a small menu of tiki drinks made with varying levels of success depending on who mixes them. But it is one of the few local places to get a traditional tiki drink made without a sugary mix or bastardized into a frozen concoction of crap.
So we cruised on down to Jade Palace and made good use of the deserted bar.
We were greeted at the door by a pair of menacing but lucky looking foo dogs. Then once inside the door greeted by the madame of the restaurant who quizzically asked if we really wanted to sit at the bar. We responded in the affirmative and were seated. We perused the drink menu & made our fateful selection - Zombies for two please.

We watched the waitress mix the drinks- she had an unusual method - dumped all the ingredients into the tiki mug with some ice then poured that into a cocktail shaker for a little swish around, then returned the entire mixture back to the mug & finished by topping it with a cherry, pineapple slice, orange and the umbrella.

The end result was very strong tasting of rum only. But we managed to sip and enjoy the retro feel of the bar.I enjoyed my zombie, not as much as other drinks I've had here, but halfway through the drink I really started feeling the effects of such a strong rum concoction. We ended our evening at one Zombie each and tottered back home(I was actually the only one tottering, Secret Agent Man provided a solid base to ensure I only tottered and did not tip.)

We will return to the Jade Palace soon and hopefully sit at the bar again - that much was fun. However, I will pass on a Zombie from them next time. I'll stick with something nice and fruity like the Pina Colada. I know this is perhaps the supreme of tacky tiki drinks but it is also superbly yummy and sweet too! So until next time - keep your tiki mugs filled and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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