Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Headhunter Army

Since 'It's a Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody' (Sam Cook, 1963) as Secret Agent Man is still away on holiday - I thought I would introduce my Headhunter Army.
I started collecting this Orchids of Hawaii mug called the Headhunter over 10 years ago. I found my first brown one at the Bellmore Train Station Flea Market on Long Island, NY for $2. It's not your typical style of tiki mug as he is more tribal looking. But it appealed to me and was really the mug that got me started collecting tiki. I love his face, it is so fierce. He is no doubt a warrior and not to be used for just any tiki fruity tiki drink. The recipe I have for a Headhunter goes as follows:

1oz. Lime Juice
1oz. Lemon Juice
3oz. Coconut Milk
1oz. Papaya Juice (optional)
3 shots Dark Rum
4 shots Spiced Rum
2oz. Orange Juice
4oz. Beer or Dark Ale

Obliviously this makes more than one Headhunter mug can hold so be sure you have 3 or 4 takers before concocting this drink. Do not garnish this drink with anything especially a drink umbrella - you will anger the tiki gods and will be cursed!

The dark green is my favorite. But the white one while most valuable, was the best bargain at one measly buck. I now have six although the light brown one appears to be some kind of homemade version & is slightly smaller. I think I will acquire only one more to make it an even 6 and then the smallie one can be retired somewhere else.

A little history on this mug. It was made by Orchids of Hawaii for years. They are now defunct but the mug is still sold by Dynasty Wholesale although it looks like a slightly different mold (maybe this is where the smallie one came from.) The Headhunter holds 16oz and is 7" tall.

All of mine, except the smallie, are Orchids of Hawaii, made in Japan(Japan denotes the oldest mugs, later ones were made elsewhere.) Below is a pic of the marking. They are sold pretty regularly on eBay for $10 and up. I think eBay kind of kills the fun of hunting for one in dusty thrift stores and at swap meets. I always get a thrill when I happen upon a tiki mug at a thrift store. I imagine it has sat unappreciated for months waiting for me to find it and take it home to tiki-mug land to live a life of happiness and tiki drink heaven.

Until next time (and I promise I will take The Metiki out), keep your tiki mugs filled and be on the lookout for The Metiki Gal!

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