Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don The Beachcomber Trip (aka The 24 Hour California Marathon)

Back in February Secret Agent Man & myself caught the red eye for California and made a weekend visit to this Mecca of Tiki Bars. It was a long trip over and even a longer trip back but it proved to be nothing short of fantastic. Hands down, I had the best Mai Tai I have ever tasted there (actually I had 5 of the best Mai Tai's I ever tasted & at least one Zombie!)

Amazing drinks aside, we had a tikitastic time! We went for a benefit concert for surf music legend Eddie Bertrand of The Belairs. Now surf music knowledge is solely Secret Agent Man's territory. I just dig listening to it, especially live. We saw at least eight bands & just drank up on the groovy scene. I'll leave you with some of the tiki shots we took while there.

After several drinks over a few hours, we decided to partake in some tiki-fare food offerings. Being slightly intoxicated, spam sushi and fried calamari sounded absolutely delish to us so we ordered those with a side of sweet potato fries (does your stomach not ache just thinking about that combo.) From what I recall, Secret Agent Man & myself enjoyed our choices and polished off both plates.

Please be advised, many pictures were taken after several Mai Tai's so quality& technique may be lacking. But as I always say, keep your tiki mug filled and be on the lookout for The Metiki Gal.

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