Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mets, Margaritas & a Dash of Sand

After a stressful week and rain every day, along came the most perfect weekend. Sunny, mid-80's and no humidity. The Met was anxious to venture from the garage and have a little fun. We thought there would be a cruise-in down in Melbourne Beach on Saturday but upon arrival found that the Beach Street Eatery was no longer and there was no longer a cruise night. No worries though, we cruised over to Downtown Melbourne.

Setting out on foot we perused the various antique & junk stores. We found a fantastic used book store going out of business and scored an excellent book by the original tiki master, Thor Heyerdahl. You might remember him from the voyage of Kon-Tiki and the book of the same name. The Tigris Expedition is another of his journeys. This time he voyages in a replica of an ancient vessel used in pre-biblical times. Quite the find for less than three dollars.
 After our little shopping excursion, we (Secret Agent Man & myself) were thirsty and hungry. We cruised back over beachside to Catina Dos Amigo's in Indialantic.

 Starting with some homemade tortilla chips, salsa and a round of margarita's we finally started to unwind. Secret Agent Man had the Hornitos Margarita & I had the Millionaire's Margarita (girl cannot live on tiki drinks alone.) Both were excellent but I found the Millionaire's Margarita yummier - it has Grand Marnier in it which gives it a rich, luscious taste. The Hornitos had a strange zing to it - but Secret Agent Man declared it smooth and drinkable.

While enjoying our Margaritas, we debated over what to order. Cantina has a great menu of standard Mexican favs and some unusual choices. Secret Agent Man went with the Voodoo Chicken - moist grilled chicken with Mexican spices with peppers and onions in a pico de gallo sauce . I went with a Drunken Burrito - a lovely concoction of chicken, beans, lettuce& tomato covered with a tequila tomatilla sauce. Both dished proved to be excellent choices.
Upon finishing our meal, we cruised on home, parked the Met back in the garage and called it a night. All in all, this was a fantastic Saturday. And for the dash of sand....................

Sunday is my lazy day, I took a slow walk over to the beach (without Secret Agent Man, who has headed off to parts north of here to train in Secret Agent techniques.) Wriggling my feet in the sand and plopping back into a beach chair, I crack open an Elmore Leonard novel (a great read after exhausting everything Carl Hiaasen has written.) I lounge, read and get my toes wet. The water is too cold for this tiki gal to swim just yet. I'm used to the warm Polynesian waters of the South Pacific (I wish....Grew up on Long Island where Jones Beach was always freezing water even in mid-July.) Until next time, keep your tiki mugs full and always be on the look-out for the Metiki Gal.

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