Sunday, April 17, 2011

South Beach, Brevard Style -Weekend Blog Part II

Okay now for The Metiki Adventure. It was a beautiful Sunday and the sand was calling me. Secret Agent Man was headed for Orlando to engage in secret ancient activities (something akin to the He-man Woman Haters Club.) Anyway, I had the day to myself to do whatever I pleased. I pointed The Metiki south and enjoyed the ride. I left the garage without a destination in mind. I headed past the wonderful, yet metered parking beaches of Indialantic and drove south on A1A, enjoying all the beautiful houses along the way. I made the stoplight at Melbourne Beach and decided to keep heading south. I passed several crowded parks and Beach Accesses and kept heading south. Finally, the traffic thinned out and I came upon Coconut Point Park.

 I turned in, parked The Metiki, grabbed my beach chair & headed for the sand.

There was a meandering boardwalk leading the beach. Midpoint on the boardwalk to the beach is a little covered area with a picnic table. Note to self, next time bring lunch with and eat here. I kept on path and headed for the water.

In my 15 years living in Brevard, I had never stopped at this great little beach. The beach was beautiful and thankfully not too crowded. It was a nice sandy beach with no coquina rock in sight. I walked along the waterline hoping to score a piece of seaglass. I didn't find any seaglass but found a nice quiet empty spot to set my chair up. Relaxation set in quickly. I had a little nap, read a chapter or two of my novel, and people watched from behind my sunglasses.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Coconut Point Park but lunch was calling my name. I couldn't decide where to eat. I headed back north on A1A and thought I'll just stop at the first place that catches my eye. I returned to Melbourne Beach proper and noticed a little place I had never stopped at before - Bamboo Fish Company. It is a teeny-tiny, walk-up stand with a great variety of fish choices (and chicken for land-lubbers!)

Honestly, once I saw the little tables with the thatched roofs, I was compelled to turn in. It is such a cute little place! I ordered the Bamboo Shrimp Burrito - large, juicy shrimp with black beans, rice, tomato and a yummy guac sauce. The lemon wedge served with it gave it just the right amount of citrus kick. They also offer Sriracha sauce for the more adventurous diners. The lemon was enough for me, I gave it a squeeze and dug in. It was a huge burrito - too much for me alone. I wrapped up the other half and brought it home for dinner.

 As much as I enjoyed the burrito, it was the thatched roofs over the tables that had me fascinated. They were extremely well constructed and very solid.

After admiring the architecture and more people watching along the Mel Beach main drag, I hopped back into The Metiki and headed back home. Definitely another A+ Florida Beach Day. So in closing, keep your tiki mugs filled and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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