Sunday, April 10, 2011

Head North & Arrive in Pizza Heaven

As promised, I took The Metiki out for little cruise today. I headed directly north of Indialantic about three miles to beautiful Satellite Beach.
Now I know three miles in your daily driver is just a normal jaunt down the road. But in The Metiki even three miles is an adventure. I was ready for a bite to eat and was in the mood for pizza. Secret Agent Man is not a huge pizza fan but I am. And since he has not yet returned from parts north, I jumped at the chance to indulge in my guilty pleasure, New York Style Pizza. Thin, crispy crust, a little sauce, a secret blend of Italian Seasonings and yummy mozzarella. Such simple ingredients, yet so utterly delicious. My favorite pizza spot for miles around is Cibelli's Pizza in Satellite Beach.
They are the home of the 'Giant Slice' & the 24" Pizza (yes, two feet of pizza heaven.) However, as I was alone and I don't think the 24" pie would even fit in The Metiki, I opted for a 'Giant Slice'  with cheese only, no adulteration of toppings (that's just how I am, a simple girl of simple needs.)

 I also ordered a cold draft beer to keep me entertained while my 'Giant Slice' went into the giant pizza oven. Another bonus at Cibelli's is the rack of Beachside Resident Magazines (a local mag with bands, places to eat and quirky articles.) I think this is a great mag and the best for seeing which local bands are playing where. That was my bonus score of the day.

I sat outside enjoying beer, magazine and cute umbrellas on the deck outside Cibelli's. I watched the cars and bicycles pass on A1A. The umbrella's look like hula skirts and sway gently in the breeze. There's a friendly cement Manatee to greet you at the front door. I'm sure he's of Italian descent - possibly Salvatore the Manatee.

Before I lapsed into too much of an island trance, my slice was quickly delivered and I got to work.

No knife or fork needed. I do the New Yorker fold, it keeps all the yummy pizza grease in the slice. As I said earlier I love pizza and I love Cibelli's Pizza. There was nothing left of the 'Giant Slice.' when I was done. And I was ready to cruise home for a little nap.

  The Metiki and myself headed back south on A1A. We had a few people snap camera phone pics as we drove by. No, it doesn't have a lawnmower engine I had to answer to a car of local surfers, it is a REAL car. And no, it is not an Amphicar to another couple. You can't drive it into the lake and float. It is simply The Metiki, a wonderful mode of transportation, that makes even the most basic of task (grabbing lunch) a fun and exciting adventure.

So until next time, keep your tiki mugs full and be on the lookout for The Metiki Gal!

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