Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Blast with a Touch of Rain

After a busy workweek, Saturday provided a great opportunity for a little cruise out in The Metiki. There was a car show up in Cocoa Beach, Beach Blast 17 at the International Palms Resort on A1A. In the past this has been a great car show, they park the cars on the hotel grounds, tennis courts, walkways and in the parking lot. It brings cars from all over Florida. The Metiki is no show car by any means. I drive it, I take it to the beach, I toss beach chairs in the back. I use it and enjoy it - so I don't enter car shows. But I will drive it to the car show park it in the lot away from the 'show' cars and chuckle as curious onlookers pass up $75,000 Hot Rods to peek at my lowly little Metropolitan.

We hit the road at about lunch time and cruised up to Cocoa Beach. The Metiki drove beautifully down A1A - traffic was light & a good breeze was blowing. We stopped at a beach access to take pics of my dream house. I've watched it for 15 years and in constant fear that it will be torn down and a McMansion put up in it's place. I call this my lottery house, if I ever win the lottery this would be the house I'd buy. I'm sure people out there know more about the history or the people who have lived here. I tried some research about it but have not found anything.
After our quick photo stop, we cruised through downtown Cocoa Beach and pulled into the car show. I parked my 'luxury in miniature' next to a Mini. My car never looked so big!

We walked the rows of cars out in the front parking lot. We saw a great T-Bucket with an Asian Theme. These are always Secret Agent Man's favorites. This one was actually pretty nice and looked relatively comfortable to drive.

There was an abundance of muscle cars and fiberglass hot rods, these are not my faves but there were some really nice paint jobs. There was a really unusual little 1950 Nash Wagon, heavily customized, drawing lots of attention. I always love to see another Nash out and about. The color was an unorthodox choice of brown and a goldish color. I loved the wagon but was ambivalent about the color choice.

All the cars had their hoods up to be judged for the show but it sure made for crappy pictures as a spectator. Anyway, another stand-out was this surf wagon. This was a great color choice - very Florida.

Another favorite of both Secret Agent Man & myself was this Ford Econoline. He is the proud owner of an Econoline and we always love to see these out & about also.
I'll post  the rest of the car show pics on my Facebook page. We finished our day at the car by taking some shots of the tikis interspersed through the paths at the resort. It was really great to see some tikis in the wild. And while the resort is not tiki in the traditional sense, they did display the tikis nicely.

We headed home under ominous rain clouds and viewed some great lightning through the tiny windshield on the drive home. We made it home albeit a little wet but that's OK because as I said before this is not a show car. I drive it; rain or not. And so our Saturday afternoon wound down. We tucked The Metiki back into the garage and called it a day.

Remember keep your tiki mugs filled with experimental Rum Barrels & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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