Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Morning Java Surfing

Mother's Day Sunday Morning rose beautifully. Still provided with cool breezes off the ocean & little humidity, I knew this was a fleeting moment for Florida weather. Very soon we'll all be drenched with 98% humidity and daily thunderstorms. But today was very close to perfection - so I didn't have to think twice about taking a quick cruise in The Metiki. I have a serious coffee habit. These days I've escalated to Cafe Bustelo, the high octane stuff, as my daily fix. Sadly my coffee pantry was empty, so coffee needed to be obtained before I went into withdrawal. Luckily I did not have a far drive - a little more than a mile from my humble abode is the epicenter of tiki-centric coffee, Java Surf in Indialantic.
Right down on the Fifth Ave Boardwalk, where good old Shagg's Surf Shop used to sit, now stands the collaboration of coffee & tiki. I backed The Metiki  into a parking spot for maximum photo opportunity but was quickly reprimanded by the cranky meter maid on the correct parking requirements. Apparently, I was breaking a law by backing in my tiny vehicle. In fear of ticketing or worse yet incarceraton for improper parking practices I quickly turned The Metiki around and fled into Java Surf to escape further legal escapades.

Exhibit A your honor, my vehicle IS properly parked!

Happy Mother's Day Meter Maid, thanks for keeping Indialantic safe from parking rogues like me!

Anyway, after escaping the law, I entered a happy tiki kingdom. Tikis greeted me on either side upon entering and more tikis abounded everywhere inside.

One was even tucked beneath the bathroom sink to cover up the plumbing (can they do this in my home, please!) Java Surf has comfy couches to sit on and peruse the latest ESM issue or other surf related mags that were strewn about.

This was my 'Serenity Now' zone after my brush with the law.

Once I sat, relaxed, and had a few sips of my delightful 'Blended Latte Caramello', I decided to explore this wonderful tiki haven. FYI - yes I love sugar-laden coffee drinks but felt slightly guilty after talking to a couple there who had brought their own rice milk to add to Java Surf's coffee. Damn those healthy folks - they make me look bad!
Below are a few of the items I found on my exploration of Java Surf...............

As the North Wind Blows of Tiki's

Mini Big Mouth Tiki

Lovely Plumeria & Hawaiian Artwork

Intricate Mosaic Tilework Fireplace
The Hidden Tiki - God of Bathroom Plumbing!

I had a great time checking out all the tikis at Java Surf and slurping on enough sugary caffeinated goodness to get me through my Sunday, it was time to head back home. I checked outside to make sure the fuzz wasn't waiting to arrest me & made my break out the tiki guarded doors. I waved a quick Aloha to my protectors and floored it down the road doing a sensible 41mph down A1A.

This was a fun if not exciting trip. Definitely worth a repeat visit now that I have been schooled in parking. So next time, keep your tiki mugs filled (coffee drinks are acceptable) and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!!!!

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