Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hot Rods, Muscle Cars & a Poor Little Nash

It's midweek & I was ready for a little fun this evening. It's been a long time since I took The Metiki to a 'cruise-in,' So Secret Agent Man & myself decided to cruise on over to the former Doubles know called Hot Rod Tony's. This used to be the hopping place in Brevard County for old cars to gather. Sadly it seems it's heyday has past. There were only about 10 old cars, the rest were brand new or better than new Corvettes & Mustangs. And while I love a Corvette any day of the week, it was not really what I was in the mood for. We pulled in anyway and parked between a late 80's pickup & a Camaro with no hood (a classic in anyone's book, right?)

Poor little lonely Metropolitan
Once we parked The Metiki we were greeted by old car friends I had not seen in years. It was fun seeing some of these old guys and their rides. We chatted about cars, I was asked the ubiquitous question "Is that an Amphicar?" Then headed in for a drink, the place was empty, which was sad. We sipped our Cokes just like a couple back in the fifties would have only this was not a cool old drive-in and there was no wall mounted juke box at the booth. As I said it was a bit depressing of a night. We headed back out to the parking to view the meager offerings of automobilia. Aside from a cool old New Yorker & a 70's Satellite Sebring PLUS, there was not a whole lot to get excited about. I have no idea what the huge PLUS on the badging of the car meant or why it was in huge capital letters, I so perplexed about it, I forgot to take pic! We browsed and chatted, before moseying back to The Metiki and making our exit. Below are a few shots of our evening.

So that was our night.Our drive home over the causeway was the highlight of the evening. The breeze was lovely, no traffic, just cruising in my baby with my man by my side. I know there is a serious lack of tiki in this post. Although we are in Florida, it's a tropical climate, Palm trees abound, bamboo structures are on every corner and backyard, tiki seems to be scarce and good tiki is even more elusive. I wish I could post a different cool tiki find every day.But sadly Brevard is just not in the big tiki swing of things I have a list of tiki locations in Brevard and in the future I will hopefully visit all in The Metiki.

Signing off for now but keep your tiki mugs filled & be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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  1. Hi Metiki Gal, I am enjoying your blog and see that we have some mutual friends-Chris and George from Brevard. I know Chris from high school, she and George are great people. My name is Cathy, by the way. Just wanted to say hello. Love your car!