Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coconauts on the Fly

Midweek doldrums set in last night for Secret Agent Man & myself. We were attempting to grill a paleo dinner outside but needed a little rum to loosen the mood. Unfortunately at my current location I do not have a full bar set-up so we cobbled together ingredients for a tiki drink on the fly. It's a frozen drink but all
stereotypes aside has a great taste and a hell of a kick. We determined we could make a Coconaut from the supplies at hand. I found the recipe years ago in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log - it has been our go-to drink since then. It is a most basic of tiki drinks, 3 ingredients & ice, even garnish is optional. So while Secret Agent Man got in touch with his inner caveman while grilling, I gathered the provisions needed to assemble the drink.

Isn't that cutest little blender cover!


8oz. Coconut Cream (preferably Coco Lopez)
7oz. Dark Jamaican Rum (we used Spiced Rum as I did not have dark rum on hand.)
2oz. Lime Juice (fresh squeezed - do not use what you see pictured unless under extreme conditions.)

Fill blender with ice, add above ingredients & pulverize until slushy & frothy. Garnish & serve.

Our mug selection was also limited as all but a few mugs in my collection are currently in storage. But the Headhunter is one of my favorites and the recipe listed above makes just enough to fill two mugs to the rim.
We filled our mugs, did a little garnish on the fly with what was hanging around in the fridge then proceeded to toast & enjoy!

Looking at the pictures, I realized I could have really gone freestyle and added a couple of those bananas getting brown in the background. That would have been a great extra layer of flavor. The spiced rum instead of the dark rum was also a yummy addition. I like to get a creative when mixing my drinks - I don't always have the 'correct' ingredients according to the 'classic' recipes but I think that's a good thing. It can be fun to play mad scientist in the kitchen!

The Metiki was snug as a bug in a rug in the garage during all this. But no worries she will be out and about in the coming weeks quite a bit. So keep those tiki mugs filled (experimental concoctions encouraged) and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

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