Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night of The Non-Hot Rod

 Tonight was the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour in Cocoa Beach. It was the first of seven stops across the US. I know The Metiki is in no way shape or form a Hot Rod but I do like to take it to play with them. So we barreled our way down A1A doing a scorching 50 mph past Patrick AFB and down into Cocoa Beach. Coming through downtown we did not notice any hot rods but once entering into the more touristy portion of Cocoa Beach, we were cruising like it was American Graffiti - hot rods heading south, hot rods heading north, they were everywhere. It was hot rod heaven.
We pulled into Ron Jon's right behind an out of state Hot Rod devilishly named EVL DO R. The crowds walking around were snapping pics of the cars as we pulled into the Ron Jon parking lot. And even though The Metiki was the most unHot Rod of vehicles there, it was still well received with waves, thumbs up and yells of "is that an amphi-car?" (I will have to do a post comparing and contrasting The Metiki with an Amphi-Car to show everyone how different they really are.)

Cruising A1A looking for trouble?
 They parked 20 Hot Rods on the front lawn of Ron Jon's - beautiful cars were everywhere. We parked The Metiki in a lot behind the store with about 150 other hot rods, classics and restorods. The crowd was thick and people were lined up on the sidewalk to watch the cars drive past. They should do this every month, it was a blast!

We even found a few tikis lurking about amid the rides. This guy(and I mean the tiki) was protecting a flat black, louvered hood, ratty(in a good way) Chevy. Loving the old school Hot Rod style. It doesn't need glossy paint and shiny chrome to be cool.

There were some very familiar tikis out for sale near Ron Jon's but this crowd did not seem interested. They were here for the cars.

We finished up at Ron Jon and cruised back south making a stop at one of my favorite Cocoa Beach bars, The North End. Appropriately named as it sits on the north end of Slow-n-Low BBQ. We pulled in to more smiles and friendly faces. The bartender remembered us and made me an Irish Whiskey prepared my favorite way. He shakes it in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice for about thirty seconds then pours it into a rocks glass sans the rocks. It is super cold and almost slushy. Now I know this sounds like a sacrilege to fine Irish Whiskey but it is so unbelievably good you must try it!

Pulling into The North End, Cocoa Beach, FL aka paradise!

We did spot another tiki in the wild outside of Slow-n-Low, he appeared to be a doorman admitting entrance to the establishment. Thankfully Secret Agent Man myself were permitted through the gates and into the land of meat and alcohol! Yeah!!!

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