Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Hukilau Big Pack!

The moment has finally arrived. After waiting weeks and months - The Hukilau weekend is finally here. Work seemed to drag endlessly today as I doodled to do lists, to pack lists, things to buy lists, etc. I was as dreamy as a high school girl writing her 'imagined' married name. Circumstances prevented me from doing any pre-packing - a big move to a new condo is upcoming next week but that is small beans compared to The Hukilau right now.
So out came the suitcases and in went all my best 'tiki' outfits. I debated if leopard was appropriate tiki attire & decided it could be considered a neutral in a sea of Hawaiian print so into the suitcase it went. We'll be there four days so fifteen outfits seemed a reasonable number. This was pared down from twenty two outfits. I tossed in a couple sarongs, 6 pairs of shoes, beach hat, hair flowers, 4 purses, a beach bag, some fans, a parasol and hmmm........what else?

I gathered my priceless junk jewelry collected from years of flea markets, swap meets and grandma's jewelry box (Thanks Janie Lau!)  Two pairs of cat-eye sunglasses, sleep mask, a couple books, my parrot cooler (yes a cooler in the shape of a parrot, hopefully not too Jimmy Buffett.)
Next up electronics - first generation Ipod Nano (I'm retro like that), laptop, phone charger, camera, battery charger for the camera. In the morning I'll pack the make-up & hair items. Oh can't forget the sunscreen.

As a couple of last items to watch on the way down - I tossed in two DVDs to brush up on my dance moves - The Pontani Sisters Go-Go Robics & Do The Jive with Miss Wolff. The Pontani Sister's DVD is great to learn all the basic go-go dance moves, the Hully Gully, the Pony & the Twist are just a few. I've had Miss Wolff's Jive DVD for years and have taken several of her classes at Viva Las Vegas. Secret Agent Man and I love to cut a rug once we have a few drinks in us. We have been known to impress and embarrass all in the same song while dancing.
So that wraps it up for The Hukilau big pack. Thank god we're driving down to Ft. Lauderdale - no weight limits on the luggage. Until next time - Keep your tiki mugs filled (Mai Kai drinks this weekend) and be on the look-out for The Metiki Gal!

BTW- I'm Metiki-less at the Hukilau. A petition needs to start to hold a Hukilau car show. Trophies could be tikis and awards to go to car with most bamboo on it.


  1. I think you are adequately prepared.

  2. Did you make it to the Hukilau? Were your preparations adequate? Did you return? Or are you lost out there somewhere in Huki-land??