Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Car Show or Parking Lot - You Decide.

Saturday afternoon we took a ride up to Port Canaveral for the Hot Rod Power Tour Car Show - with the promise of 3,000+ cars. We decided at the last minute to leave the poor little Metiki home as the port is a bit of drive and it was really hot out. The no A/C thing in The Metiki really limits my travel in the summer months here in Florida. Every year on my wish list from Santa is a Vintage Air system for The Metiki. Honestly though I don't know if the little1500cc Austin engine could handle it.We drove Secret Agent Man's Command Vehicle and enjoyed the comfort of A/C. This was a good move because we sat in traffic for over half and hour to get into the port. We found a parking spot, hopped out and headed to the cars. Walking towards the lot, several cool hot rods passed by.

We were ready for a spectacle of cars along the lines of Turkey Rod Run. Sadly disappointment began to set in as we entered the parking lot. The promised hot rods were parked alongside someones daily driver for row after row in multiple parking lots. There as no dedicated area for the Power Tour vehicles and the promised 3,000 vehicles was more like 200 tops. People were wandering through the 'show' aka the parking lot as hot rods, daily drivers and motorcycles drove in and out. It was very dangerous and unorganized.

We meandered through the parking lots for a bit. There were many really nice cars, its just too bad they ere not lined up & displayed better. The heat started to get to us so we jumped back in the Command Vehicle and headed back south.

I really hate to complain about an event put on by one of my favorite magazines. I've looked at other stops they made in previous years of holding this event. It did not look like what I saw happening at the port. I'm hoping that if they stop here next time it will be better organized and safer. Much love to Hot Rod magazine from a gal who owns the most unHot Rod of vehicles. If I were more mechanically inclined and had more money, I'd be reving it up in a sweet Hot Rod. But for now I'm just The Metiki Gal - keeping my tiki mug filled and on the look-out for you!

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