Sunday, August 14, 2011

Filling up the Space

Saturday in August in Florida, think a steam room at a spa and up the humidity just a tad. That is what we were faced with. Despite, this sultry weather, I was ready for a little shopping. Secret Agent Man & myself hit the shops early. Our first stop was Out A' Space, my favorite little MCM store here locally. They were having a sidewalk sale. We cleared several items on the sidewalk immediately and ventured in the lovely air conditioned store for a few more finds. Secret Agent Man picked up a space age lamp which was immediately spirited away to his base camp. I didn't even get to take a picture! I scored a beautiful little wicker & metal chair for such a bargain I cannot even repeat the price. A bamboo shelf was added to the pile. Pained bright red, it will eventually be primed and repainted. The remainder of the items were a plethora of monkey pod. Two pineapple bowls, one giant sized and the other a mini, two sets of tiki forks and spoons, a stunning salad bowl with a tiki hut sign, hibiscus bookends and a fierce tiki-monster head. It was like Christmas in August for me.

Almost forgot to take the 'Before' pic of the chair.

Monkey pod Heaven!

Tiki forks, salad bowl , champagne glasses and one unmarked tiki mug.

Close-up of design on Salad Bowl.

Bamboo Shelf, soon to be repainted.
Set of Vintage Paint by Numbers purchased on an earlier trip to Out'A Space.

After piling the car with our great finds from Out 'A Space, we headed down the road to our favorite thrift stores. I was in the market for some glassware. I needed some champagne glasses and wanted a decorative set of 'On The Rocks' glasses. The champagne glasses were easy to find at just a quarter each. But the glassware at both shops we hit were very slim. I wonder if people are donating less or if more people are buying secondhand. Either way, I am sure more people are finding the value in thrifting. Aside from the glassware I found a vintage Waring Blender Cookbook copyright 1955. It has a great recipe for Mexican meatloaf you mix in the blender (Yum, yum!) and a section of drink recipes. The cover has great graphics also. I later found two vintage trashy paperbacks.They're not really pulp fiction, both are from the sixties. The covers of both are lurid and very salacious though especially considering when they were published.

I've already started reading The Tattooed Rood, it's quite the epic. You may be wondering what a rood is. A rood is a crucifix. From as far as I have read, the character is going to end up getting a rood tattooed on his body during the Spanish Inquisition. I'm saving Master of Falconhurst for a good rainy day. There were ten cents each. Who knew such fine examples of literature could be purchased for so little?

We finished up on day lunching at out favorite little Thai restaurant then home for a little nap, This was an A+ Saturday for thrifting finds. Below is a pic of the repainted chair that now graces the music corner of my bedroom.

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